Monday, December 30, 2013

Not a clue?!?!

After a little persuasion and encouragement from my Godsister I decided to start a beauty blog until I can work up the nerve to make videos lol
I have NOT A CLUE what i'm doing but hopefully I will find some help and guidance to make this something that can catch interest and give helpful tips to anyone that would like them by doing and discussing what I love most MAKEUP. Any helpful links or tips to get me started would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone that doesn't know me I will give a little bit of background. I am 35...well going on 36 in a couple of weeks and am coming up on my 1 year wedding anniversary. WOW that sure passed FAST!! I was a single mother for over 15 years. Definitely not an easy job but anyone that is a single mother themselves and struggling thinking they can't make it...believe me you CAN!! It''s extremely hard but worth every minute, every smile, every laugh you see on your babies faces.
Anyway, I have always had a love for makeup. I grew up in a strict Christian home where makeup and jewelry were not allowed, so when I experimented after turning 18, the results were NOT pretty hahaha but over the years, through experimenting and watching many tutorials I think i'm getting the hang of it. I will never forget my first time putting on makeup...I was 10 years old and spending the night and my big sisters house. She gave me her makeup bag and let me have at it LoL BEST DAY of my childhood and something I will NEVER forget. 

One of the main things I never want anyone to get confused about is that makeup can't make you beautiful. It can enhance your natural beauty, make you feel confident, make you stand out in a crowd, be an artistic demonstration of how you are feeling but it CANNOT make you beautiful. Beauty comes from the inside and God doesn't make ugly ;) So know that you all are BEAUTIFUL...GORGEOUS with or without makeup!! 
To quote my favorite makeup guru "Natural is beautiful but Makeup is Glam"

Last bit of information I will give, then i'll stop rambling (i'm sure everyone has already got bored and stopped reading by now hahaha)
I am medium skin toned with combo skin...I get kind of dry around my cheek area sometimes and oily at the middle of my forehead and between my eyebrows. I have some discoloration on my face and redness around the apples of my cheeks and some darks spots around the same area...not sure if they're aging spots or freckles but I usually try to cover them up. Just wanted to give you all a heads up of my skin type in case your curious.

Well I guess that's it for my first blog post. Hopefully my next one will be more exciting Lol
Until then... Take Care and GOD BLESS

Artie <3