Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cut Crease

This is my first attempt at a "Cut Crease". It definitely needs some work. But with a little more practice I think I can figure it out lol then maybe I can do a video for you guys and show you what I learned. Let me know if that's something any of you would be interested in?

I again used the Tarte eye shadow palette today (same palette from my last post)
I used a liquid liner by Jessie's Girl (you can find this at Rite Aid LOVE IT)
In the waterline and tightline I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil in Perversion
On my lips I used a Stila Lip Glaze in the color Amaretto

Let me know what you think of this eye look and if you'd like to see a video of how to do a Cut Crease, after I have practiced a little more :)

Hope you all have an AMAZING day!! Hope to hear from you soon :)


Artie <3

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Neutral Eye

Hey guys I decided to try making a makeup tutorial video today. The outcome was not so great lol but for you guys I tried. If you decide to take a peek please keep in mind that I have NEVER done anything like this before so I had some sound issues and am still learning how to edit etc. You will probably need to use earphones on full blast to hear me lol but hopefully just watching will give you an idea of how I do my makeup. Please give me your feedback.

Here is a look at the eye I did today.

Here are the products I used today
Here is a link to the video I did. Please forgive the horrible sound. I am much better at pictures than videos lol I hope even if you watch it on mute that it will help you to see the techniques I used. I will try to do better next time if you'd like me to try again.
Have a great evening. Until next time...
God Bless!!
Artie <3

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Beauty Post of 2014

Happy New Year!! I hope all of you are having an amazing New Years Day!!
Since it's a new year I figured I would start it off by trying to doing a makeup post today.
Like I said before I'm still extremely new to this and not really sure what I'm doing so please bear with me. If anyone has any tips or information that would make this easier please share :) Also I am having trouble getting comments to show up so if anyone has any clue how to fix that please let me know.

Ok...on to the fun stuff MAKEUP!!
I got a new eyeshadow palette not too long ago and decided to play with it today. Here is the look I came up with today. If you have any questions or suggestions that would make this better please let me know.

Here are a few pictures of the products I used to achieve this look. I have only included eye and lip products, however, if you would also like me to include face products in future posts please let me know :)
(you do not need to use these exact products to achieve this look, any similar colors would work perfectly, just make sure to start off with an eye shadow primer)



Here is the eye palette, eye liner and mascara that I used today. The eye shadow is by Too Faced and the palette is called Chocolate Bar. I used a jumbo eyeliner by Tarte called SmolderEyes in the color Fig and I used 2 coats of each of these mascaras on my top lashes and 1 coat of each on the bottom. The mascaras are Mally Volumizing Mascara & Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes. Both are black mascaras.

Here are the eyeshadow colors I used. White Chocolate (which is like a matte cream shadow) I used on the brow bone. I used Salted Carmel (a kind of peachy brown color) as a transition color which I used on an angled fluffy brush above my crease by below my brow bone color. I blended Candied Violet (purple with a slight shimmer)  into the crease and blended lightly overlapping the Salted Carmel color. I used Semi-Sweet (a matte warm brown color) right in the crease. I added Cherry Cordial (a burgundy type color with a very slight shimmer) onto the outer part of the lid and outer V, I also used this color under my lower lashes. I patted Hazelnut (a shimmery champagne type color) onto the lid and added Champagne Truffle (a light shimmery white/light pink color) onto the inner corner and inner third of my bottom lash line.
Then blended this all together to get rid of any harsh lines.
I then added the Fig eyeliner to my water line and lined my upper lash line with this color as well.

Since my eyes came out kind of dark today I used a neutral colored gloss on the lips. The gloss is by Stila in the color Amaretto.

Something else I wanted to include (some of you may wonder why I wear 2 different mascaras lol)
Since I wear glasses it's hard for me to wear falsh lashes since they are too long and touch my glasses so it drives me nuts lol
Anyway I try to make my very thin and skimpy lashes look fuller by adding extra mascara. Here are a few pictures kind of showing you how it looks when I have none on, then after the first mascara, 2nd mascara and also after I have let them completely dry I curl the lashes again which makes them appear a little longer and fuller. (let me know what you think)

 In this picture my one eye has NO mascara and the other eye has one coat of the Tarte mascara


Here I have 2 coats of the Tarte mascara
In this picture I have also added 2 coats of the Mally mascara

And this is what they look like after they have dried and been curled again. Can you see a difference?

Well, that's all the excitement I have for you today lol please let me know if this was helpful at all and if you would like me to continue doing this. Also if there is any info you would like me to change or add let me know that as well. I think you have to have a Google+ account to comment (still trying to figure that part out) if you are not able to comment on here please send me a message or something giving me your opinion. I appreciate your feedback :)

Again I hope you all have an amazing year!! Hope to hear from you soon!!


Artie <3